Why are we here?

The Office of Research and Evaluation coordinates the district, state and college readiness testing, manages local and state accountability measures, conducts research and evaluation studies and processes requests to do research within the district.


Our mission is to serve the SUHSD community by collaboratively developing information systems and assessment protocols that inform better decisions in order to enhance student and staff learning and overall flourishing.

Essential Question

How might we lead SUHSD in continuous improvement through developing ever more efficient systems, gathering and analyzing data, and making better informed decisions?


Research and Evaluation Team

Dr. Daniel Winters
Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Innovation
Email: Daniel.Winters@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7600
Fax: (619) 425-8421

Gilda Aguirre
Senior Executive Assistant
Email: gilda.aguirre@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7606

Angie Rojas
Office Assistant II/ Warehouse Delivery Worker II
Email: angelita.rojas@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7602

Maria Ocampo
Educational Research Specialist
Email: maria.ocampo@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7603

Florence Obedoza
Senior Assessment Technician
Email: florence.obedoza@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7609

Gilbert Garcia 
Data Visualization Analyst
Email: gilbert.garcia@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 600-3369

Enrique Campos 
Data Visualization Analyst
Email: enrique.campos@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 600-3371

Mitzie Murillo
Senior Assessment Technician
Email: mitzie.murillo@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7611

Sandra Marquez
Assessment Technician
Email: sandra.marquez@sweetwaterschools.org
Phone: (619) 796-7613

Michelle Guerrero
Assessment Technician
Email: michelle.guerrero@sweetwaterschools.org 
Phone: (619) 796-7605